Our Mission:
Remove the Boundaries in Education

and increase the accessibility of international platforms

A Competition Beyond Tests

Chinese students have been proficient in taking exams but still have much to catch up beyond that, compared to peers with leading education in developed countries. The performance in extracurricular studies is becoming incredibly more important in students' further education. And students need authoritative credits to prove their capabilities and potentials.

In the spirit of "no boundaries in education", Reachable Education is bridging international secondary school contests and activities with Chinese students. To help students better leverage the resources and achieve more competitive performance, we are also responsible for the local training and regional selection for these platforms.

Comprehensive opportunities across disciplines

Reachable Education covers all the major disciplines in student's extracurricular studies. They include Leadership, Communication,Business, Economics, Engineering, Robotics, Science, Innovation, Problem Solving, International Development, Arts and other diverse career areas. Such comprehensiveness can well cover the personal interests and aspirations of different students and give the flexibility to tailor a customized learning path for each student.

For each path in a specifc area, we have well rounded tools and events to facilitate the study in different levels and stages. From our integrated essay competitons to advanced global practical programs, from national selection process to international competition finals, we are here ready to discover our students' potentials and improve their performances.

An ongoing and profound campaign

Since 2015, we have combined all our efforts here in China's secondary schools into a systematic and country-wide campaign. This campaign is established to further encourage students maximize their impact on themselves as well as communities around after their learnings on our connected platforms. It aims at building a sustainable mechanism in schools and among students to ensure their continuous efforts and investment in the qualities that are important to our young people's tomorrow. It also serves the purpose of improving the awareness of both students and parents of the necessity and the importance of learning extracurricular knowledge and skills.

We are cooperating with visionary schools in China to mobilize our students. If you are interested in our work and programs, please contact us for more detailed information.